2019 Oscars betting odds: Category favorites and prop bets

If you adore betting and you love the Oscars, we have you covered for the very best bets for this year’s Academy Awards.
The enjoyable prop bets this year center around A Star is Born, the ridiculous and dazzling movie that faces tall odds of winning any major category awards at the Oscars.
Don’t allow the apology out of awards Republicans discourage you by putting cash on A Star is Born prop bets (courtesy of Monster Roster), though. Here are your chances.
If Lady Gaga wins state Lead Actress, will she sacrifice her”100 people in an area” speech at the Oscars?
YES -150
NO +140
Can Lady Gaga wear an oversized gown?
YES +160
NO -140
Will Lady Gaga use a white dress?
YES +180
NO -170
Will Lady Gaga be blond?
YES +125
NO -110
Can Bradley Cooper attract his mom for a date, again?
YES -150
NO +135
Obviously, be sure that you also put some money on the lingering controversies surrounding the true Oscars broadcast this Sunday.
Will the Academy find a host in the last minute to replace Kevin Hart?
YES +750
NO -800
Will Emma Stone deliver Ryan Gosling as a date?
YES -125
NO +115
How many approval speeches will probably be cut off by a cue?
Over 5 -140
Under 5 +130
From presenting awards during commercial breaks this 13, will a celebrity speak out?
YES -110
NO +105
Now, the beef of the Oscars chances are the winners of the Academy Awards. From Best Picture into the guide and supporting actor trophies, you create your selections (chances via Gold Derby, as of Wed.. Feb. 20).
Best Picture
Roma 4/1
Green Book 11/2
Black Panther 15/2
BlacKkKlansman 15/2
The Favourite 15/2
Finest Manager Alfonso Cuaron 31/10
Spike Lee 39/10
Yorgos Lanthimos 9/2
Adam McKay 9/2
Pawel Pawlikowski 9/2
Best Actor
Rami Malek 31/10
Christian Bale 39/10
Bradley Cooper 9/2
Viggo Mortensen 9/2
Willem Defoe 9/2
Finest Actress
Glenn Close 31/10
Olivia Colman 4/1
Lady Gaga 4/1
Yalitza Aparicio 9/2
Melissa McCarthy 9/2
Best Supporting Actor
Mahershala Ali 16/5
Richard E. Grant 39/10
Sam Elliot 4/1
Adam Driver 9/2
Sam Rockwell 9/2

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