General House Rules

Bet Acceptance

There is A bet not valid until it’s validated and reveals in the player’s bet history. In cases of doubt regarding the validity of a wager, the player has been requested to inspect the receptive (pending) stakes, or contact Service.

A wager will remain valid, unless approved in error, once accepted and can’t be cancelled. It’s the obligation of the player to ensure particulars of the bets are right. Under no circumstance will BetStars accept any responsibility for any errors (perceived and actual), deriving from either errors as recorded under’Errors’ below, or any other reason, for example but not limited to, erroneous record of the odds/betting items.

Should a dispute arise concerning the approval (or lack thereof) of any trade in the participant’s account, the transaction log database will be the supreme authority in deciding such matters.

Results and Bet Settlements
In the event of sports, bets are settled on the result after the match or event has finished, printed by the official governing body immediately. This may be known as’weigh in’ sign,’podium demonstration’ or any similar terminology. Any correction or modification to this outcome won’t apply for settlement purposes.

BetStars reserves the right to apply a dead heat decrease together with sports using settlement rules, on any event where more than 1 winner is defined.

Bets are settled in the chances. When a customer chooses to display the odds the odds will be rounded to two decimal places. This may cause the displayed betting slip chances to differ marginally from the true fractional chances.
Prize Payment Procedure

All bets are settled instantly once the consequence of a bet or an occasion has been ascertained then. Any prizes (winnings) because of customers are credited to their BetStars accounts from wherever they can opt to draw them place additional bets.

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