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Good morning all! We thought you may appreciate a little distraction on this fine Tuesday morning. Heaps of new must-have pieces on the site today including an exquisite art deco mirror, black (and white) feather pendant lights, gorgeous wallpapers, unique storage and lots more vintage and antique goodies. Enjoy jordan femme.


High Wire Wallpaper £100
Art Deco Mirror £450
Circular Table £1250
Feather Pendant £560

Nest of Tables £950
Dream On £54
Club Chair £845
Glass Pendant £69

Cocktail Chairs £1500
Medical Cabinet £1450
Audrey Eye Doll Lamp £360
Guy Lefevre Console £1450

French Bar Cart £825
Seahorse Wallpaper £81
Glazed Cabinet £1364
Steel Desk £794







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